The Juarez Family

The Juarez Family

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Craft

Yesterday while Lola slept, Teo and I made turkeys!  It was very fun.  I printed up some google images and got lots of cute ideas on what kinds of turkeys we could make.  Teo did an excellent job.

 Teo did a great job cutting out the feathers.

 His first turkey done.  Now on to the others.  We had a great time deciding which ones we would do.

 Use a pinecone for your base.  Stick pipecleaner inside the pinecone for the feathers.  A pom pom can be the head.

 Or you can also cut out feathers from foam.  I had some left over from Cub Scouts.

 Fold your colored paper into a fan and stuff it into the paper tube.  Decorate head and wings.

Finished and Done!  I love them all!


Julie/mom said...

did you just HAPPEN to have all the "ingredients" for your projects??

Nice job. Love the turkeys.

Candice said...

Did a quick stop to Michaels while Bee was sleeping, but had most of the stuff already.

Tatia said...

You are a magnificent mother, truly. To see them all together like that is adorable! I hope Gilbert appreciates how incredibly blessed he is!! You are WAY more than "alright"
P.S. I am only now truly appreciating the miracle of your family photo at the top of the page. Lola looks almost angelic!