The Juarez Family

The Juarez Family

Friday, July 13, 2012

Aquarium of the Pacific

Yesterday we took a day trip and went to Long Beach for The Aquarium of the Pacific.  I can't believe I have never been here before.  It was very enjoyable, but pricey!  When you start having to pay for multiple children things start to add up!

I also FORGOT my camera at home! UGH!! So Cousin Sylvia was there to take pictures from her phone.  Thanks, Sylvia!

Here we are at the Spider Crabs.  They were HUMUNGOUS!

 They had a new penguin exhibit which we enjoyed very much.  This was not it.  This is just for pictures.

 They also had a Lorikeet exhibit that was amazing.  One bird, in particular, really enjoyed nibbling on Tanner's ear.  I don't think Tanner appreciated it very much.  Once the picture was taken, Tanner promptly threw the bird off his shoulder!

The best part of the day was when Teo got to be in a stage play (as a volunteer picked from the audience).  He wore a penguin costume that was much too big for  him, but very cute.  He did a great job on stage and was, by far, the cutest one up there.

But the only pictures I could take were from my phone and I don't know how to transfer them here!  So I guess you will have to use your imagination (unless Gil can figure it out.)

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Julie/mom said...

forward the picture to your e-mail address. Open the e-mail withe the picture; save the picture on your desktop. go to Google, open the post you want the picture on, add the picture!!

Great pictures!!

How do you like all this humidity??