The Juarez Family

The Juarez Family

Monday, August 13, 2012

Camp Pendleton Day 2

 First thing in the morning, Teo wanted to go out to the beach.  So peaceful and beautiful.  You can see Gil's shadow taking the picture in the corner.

Yes, this is a gigantic crab that Teo found.  They were all over.  Teo found many of them . . . so sorry Crabby.  It wasn't a good ending.

Then Teo found this seaweed - alien thing.  I don't know where he found it, but he was happy to have it.

 Mommy is having a great day.

 Two birds decided to join in on the picture.

Teo is showing Bee all the crabs he has collected in the bucket.  

Two friends in the making . . . 

 "Do you want to hold one, Bee?"

What happened to Mommy's BIG feet?

 "I want a crab too!"

 "No, Bee, you can't eat it!"

 Whenever Sophie picked up her feet, I guess Bee did too!

Time for a sand castle with Daniel and Teo.

Oh my, another pit to play in!

 "Thanks, Mommy.  I'm having so much fun!"

 Finally back home after three days of non-stop fun at the beach.  I think Don's face says it all!

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