The Juarez Family

The Juarez Family

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Noah's Ark

Oh, this day was so much fun!  We went to go play at Noah's Ark at the Skirball Museum.  I couldn't believe how close it was.  It only took me 15 minutes to get there!  On Thursdays the Skirball is FREE, but I could NOT get tickets on that day.  I tried many times - all sold out.  So one day I just packed the kids in the car and paid the admission.  I'm so glad we did because it was a really great day.

Everything we see is hand-made.  Nothing factory made.  And it was all made of different things put together.  VERY creative.  I absolutely loved it!

Walking into the Ark.  It was too big, I couldn't get the whole thing in.

Lots of little Noah's Arks around for them to look at.  Very cute, I thought.

The top of the legs of the Zebra spun around in circles.  That is what Bee is doing in the picture.

Elephant, gazelle, and zebra.

Polar Bear with bathtub legs.  Teo is looking through a little hole that shows a picture of a real polar bear.

This antelope's mane is made of keys.  So great!

This alligator is made from a violin case.  

And they came two by two . . . 

 They also had spiders!

 So many animal puppets.  Which ones shall I choose?
The owl became his pet for the day.

They had so many great birds hanging from the ceiling.

And snakes!

Food storage?  I wasn't quite sure. 

Inside of the food storage was a string you could pull and it would open up the attic to view some particular thing. 

Teo got to climb up this great net to the top where there was a bridge.

Do you see him.  He's just above the arrow.

Made it to the top!

Now climb back down.  Look hard, Teo is at the top.

Lion and the Lamb.

 The turtle had a head that moved up and down.  Bee was very tentative to touch it.

 Nice Alligator

 Teo's chomping alligator.

He was not shy about going up to strangers and giving them a little chomp on the arm.  Good way to start a conversation?

Time to clean up the poo!

Bee will help.

Now put the poo in the bucket.  We have to keep the Ark clean!

 There were also walruses!

Teo enjoyed climbing on them.

 There was a rain station where you could make lightening, rain, and wind.  Very cool.

 This was an assembly belt that went up into the ark.  The animals were made of styrofoam so if they fell, they didn't kill you on the way down.

After you put them on the belt, you would turn the wheel to make the belt move.  Keep going and you would see them all fall into the ark, which would drop into a shoot at the bottom so you could do it all over again.

 Bee loved this giraffe.  He was attached to this lever, where you had to move it from side to side, and it would make the giraffe head move.

 We had so much fun.  When I turned around on our way back home, this is what I saw.  I guess it was a successful day!

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