The Juarez Family

The Juarez Family

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Gil and I spent the weekend in Idyllwild to celebrate three of his friends turning 50!  It was so lovely there.  We had our own private cabin that came with a jacuzzi! I would definitely go back.

 This is the beginning of our hike.  5 mile round trip.  Very pretty.

 I don't know how Gil took this shot . . . he was always behind us.

 Half way done at the top.

I arrived late in the night and had to park on the side of this road.  A little more to the right and I would have fallen right off!  Remember it is pitch black.  No lights.

 Then . . . I had to walk down these stairs with no light.  I was only hoping the big bear in the woods would leave me alone and let me get into the cabin without attacking me first!
 Had to show the picture of the cute, red door.

 Here is the patio with jacuzzi in the back.  This is our view while sitting in the tub.  I could not get over how QUIET it was.  Very serene.

 Cute kitchen.  Love it.  The cabin actually slept 8

 Here I am sitting in the tub in my birthday suit.  Where else would I be able to do this . . . so I had to take the opportunity!

 Here are the three birthday boys, Steve, Ken, and Jeff. 
Gil bought these hats for them to wear at the party that evening.  They were good sports.

Very fun weekend.

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